Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Altamira, Mexico

Yeah, our hotel has wireless internet! It took too long trying to put on a picture, so I'll let everything up to your imagination. :)

Thank God he brought us through the border crossing experience. We got in line on the US side around 7am. The border opened at 9am and we passed through to the Mexican side where it was only 8:15 or so! They had their time change over the weekend. We had to wait in line until they opened at 9am. When it was our turn, we got "red-lighted" and had to pull to the side to be checked. It appeared that almost everyone had to wait. Well, over 2 1/2 hours and almost $200 later (including visas and vehicle insurance) we were on our way!! The long story version is great with many twists and turns. :) Oh, we didn't have to unload our truck, so another answer to prayer!

In the next town we did got pulled over by the police, but after a couple of questions and finding out we were "transmigrantes" they told us to have a good day. Thank you, God.

The rest of the trip was refreshingly uneventful and we are enjoying our hotel. Harlan was ecstatic to turn on the TV and catch the end of the game and see the Phillies win the World Series! :)

Thank you to everyone who is "following" and praying!


Crystal said...

Yeah!!!! Thats so exciting!

Andrea said...

wow, thats great that its going so smoothly! I´m praying for you and awaiting your arrival in Teguc! Vaya con Dios.