Saturday, July 10, 2010

By His Strength

God, I feel so selfish. I think I am more concerned with trying to find "me" time than I am with serving others. I just read a blog by a missionary in Costa Rica. One thing she wonders is why she is the missionary. I understand what she is saying. Why am I here? Why am I a "missionary"? I get it wrong so many times. I fail to show Christ's love. I get angry and annoyed when I should be caring and understanding. I just want to go and hide when I should be giving hugs and interacting. I want to cry when I should be choosing joy.

Why did you choose me, God? Choose me to come to Honduras, to be someone who is to help care for and show your love to 90+ kids? I fail. I don't know what I'm doing. Too many times, I do what I don't want to do and don't do what I want to do. (Romans 7:19) Is it to show these kids that even a "rich" Christian gringo can mess up, receive God's forgiveness and keep going? Is it just to refine me? Is it because no one else would go? Why, God? Is it so that I find out, so that the kids also see, that it is not by my strength, oh God, but by yours. God, I need your strength.

I wrote the above paragraphs in my journal last night. This morning my devotional scripture selection includes the verses Colossians 1:11-12. So I include this prayer for you and me from The Living Bible. "We are praying, too, that you will be filled with his mighty, glorious strength so that you can keep going no matter what happens- always full of the joy of the Lord, and always thankful to the Father who has made us fit to share all the wonderful things that belong to those who live in the Kingdom of light."

Thank you, God.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

School trip to Lake Yojoa

Angelica, Ali, and Zack's classes ended this school year on June 18. Since we didn't take the time while we were still in classes, it was time for a school field trip.

There aren't an over abundance of museums, parks, educational tours, etc. available here close to us, so we decided to take a school trip to Lake Yojoa and the big dam, El Cajon, that are about 4 hours away. There are many more birds, butterflies, and other insects there than we usually see here near Teguc. We even saw a couple of squirrels and toads. Now I know squirrels are things many of you are trying to keep away from your bird feeders, but we rarely get to see small animals here. We think they've all been eaten... :)

Harlan, Zack and Ali tried their hand at fishing since we stayed at a hotel right on the lake, but had very little luck. Angelica practiced her photography. We all enjoyed seeing the many butterflies and birds and relaxing together as a family.

The trip to the huge dam was very interesting. It is officially called the General Francisco Morazon Dam. It is protected by the military and we needed to go through three different checkpoints, including a vehicle check, before we got to the dam. It may be the most impressive arquitectural structure we have seen in Honduras.

the lake behind the dam...

from the top of the dam, looking straight down...

the river below the dam...

trying to show you the full perspective...

On the way to and from the lake, we made sure to stop and see our friends in Siquatepeque and enjoy their yogurt, cheese and ice cream. We even managed to bring some of all three along back with us to Valle. On the way up, we arrived just in time to see Gerald Martin, the guy in charge of the farm animals, finish up butchering a small pig. We got a lesson on the different parts of a pig and Zack correctly guessed which were the kidneys. They eventually seasoned and stuffed the pig, then wrapped it up and buried it in a hot coal pit overnight and were planning on eating it for dinner the next day.

We hope to start classes again at the beginning of August. We appreciate your prayers specifically for our "school" as we seek God's will for direction.