Friday, February 18, 2011

ECA Program Participants

We'd like to officially introduce you to our four current participants in ECA's program. Hope you can to get to know them better as we share some of their lives with you throughout the coming year. Here they are in pictures!

Ready to head out to the city looking for job possibilities.

Danilo Calix, 23, likes construction type work, fixing things, listening to music, and cooking (eating, even more so!). Danilo graduated from "colegio" (high school) with a career focus in electricity. Danilo had been studying languages in the public university but recently changed his major to teaching.

Note: All high school students choose a career focus for their last three years of study. Most public high schools only offer a handful of choices.

Kelly Gonzales, 22, enjoys sports like soccer and volleyball and also likes to read, listen to music and go for walks. She graduated from high school with a career focus in computers, science and writing.

Mirna Sanchez, 20, likes to sew, read and draw. She also graduated from "colegio" with a career focus in computers, science, and writing.

Mirian Carcamo, 25, enjoys reading, listening to music and swimming. She graduated from high school with the same career focus in computers, science, and writing. She has been studying business administration in the public university as well.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting ready, moving in

The long awaited start up for El Camino Adelante has finally arrived. Here are a few pictures of last minute preparations and our young people moving in. We're excited to have Danilo, Mirian, Kelly and Mirna here with us. Hopefully we can soon get everybody together for a group picture!

Danilo replacing roof panels over his room and the kitchen after laying ceiling insulation .

Michael and Danilo working well together!

"Nothing fancy, but I got my own room!"

Heidi and Michael helping Danilo move in.

The "kitchen" being organized by Heidi, Janelle, Mirian and Michael.

"Let's talk this over first"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I want to know, so that I may know

God, I want to accept your comfort and rest. I want to allow your Holy Spirit to work freely in my life. I want to boldly move forward on the path that you have for me, not hesitantly starting and stopping, second guessing everything I do.

God, I want to be a strong, vibrant witness for you. I want people to see the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit when they look at me. I want them to know the heart and acceptance of the Father when with me.

God, help these wants, these desires, to translate into actions. Help me go beyond words to taking the steps to know you better, to know you more so that I may truly reflect you.

God, the cry of my heart continues to be: Help me know your voice, your Holy Spirit, so that I may know your will.