Friday, October 9, 2015

true freedom

When someone treats me badly or rudely or just not the way that I think they should, I need to acknowledge the pain that I feel, give it to God, and then choose not to walk around with "hurt feelings".

I have treated God callously, ignored him, disregarded his wisdom and direction, sinned against him and in return God has loved me, shown me mercy, forgiven me, and always stayed turned towards me with open arms.

Oh God, help me choose to love, show mercy, forgive and remain turned towards others with open arms.

Christ, you are my example. You reached for the outcasts, the sick, the sexually immoral, all those regarded as sinners of the worst kind. You, also, reacted with strong words and actions against the Pharisees; the religious leaders, those who had grown up in the "church", those who had judged others, those who should have known the Father's heart; me. You called them white-washed tombs, perfect by all appearance on the outside but full or disease, decay, jealousy, anger, judgement, unforgiveness, greed, self-righteousness, death.

Oh God, forgive me for being a Pharisee, sure of my salvation because of my religious upbringing and knowledge, because of my rejection of the "obvious" sins, because of my own self-righteousness.

God, help me be like Jesus, who knew who he was because he was in you, Father, and you were in him. Help me accept your salvation, based not on what I do but on what you did, and share THAT salvation with all others. You yearn for all of your children, sinners and Pharisees, to live in freedom in you. Help me feel the same yearning and choose to love and reach out to all the other Pharisees and sinners around me according to your wisdom.

I praise you, my God, my Saviour, my Guide. You are the Three-in-one and my All-in-all. It is only in you that I live and move and am who you created me to be.

Oh, God, help me to walk in freedom; freedom from sin, pride, condemnation, self-righteousness and "hurt feelings". Freedom to run and dance in love, mercy, grace, joy, humility, with arms open wide to those around me so that they can know your love, forgiveness and salvation.

In you alone. Amen.

Friday, February 20, 2015

the PLAN

If a merciful, loving God put into action a PLAN to have his Son harmed and killed by evil men for my redemption, how can I not be willing to be hurt and mistreated by others, according to God's PLAN, in order to show redemption to others?