Friday, January 29, 2010

Back in Honduras

Well, we're back in Honduras at La Finca. We had an easy flight back and no problems with luggage, security checkpoints or delays. Praise God!

Sorry I didn't write while we were in PA, but dial up internet is not conducive to posting blogs. :)

We had a great time resting and spending time with friends and family for the last month. We feel very blessed with all the support that many of you give us. Thank you for all your prayers. We really need them as we help here at the home. It is all too easy to feel overwhelmed and unappreciated as we struggle to follow what God has asked us to do. We thank God for the strength and joy that He gives us and for giving us so many friends to encourage and support us.

Now I know that it is way past Christmas, but I didn't have the chance to post any pictures before, so here goes...

Christmas at the Finca

Family Photos!

Everyone received a new outfit and a bag of gifts.

Ernest and Doris Soady, directors of the Finca's supporting mission, were here to celebrate Christmas with everyone.

K. F. C. for lunch!!

Later children from the Finca participated in a program at a local church, as well as the one at the Finca.

Angelica and Ali were part of the Finca chimes choir. Angelica and Zack also played the piano and Ali the flute along with their teacher, Audrey Livengood.

Everyone enjoyed the day, especially the pinatas... :)

Christmas in PA

Huge Horst family

Nolt grandchildren

and SNOW!!!!