Monday, October 20, 2008

First Day of Travel

Yes, we all actually fit into the truck along with most of the items we wanted to take. Now, we're sitting here at Dan and Gwen Horning's house eating apple pie (well, everyone is except me :) We had a good 4 hour trip down with a 45 min lunch break at a West Virginia Welcoming Center. We look forward to a much longer trip tomorrow as we head to Bill and Sharon March, Harlan's sister, in SW Tennessee.


Andrea said...

Glad to hear you got started well. After a 12 trip I arrived in Honduras and eagerly await your arrival in some days-weeks. Vaya con Dios

Gwen Horning said...

It was good to see ya again! We'll be prayin that all goes smoothly...(did ya see that the pic of Dan showed up on the followers=) hee hee