Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Sunday evening from Durant OK, a stones throw from the Texas border.

Go Phillies! I probably rather be watching them than doing this but anywho. We got free high speed here at the Comfort Inn so I better make good use of it.

What a great time we had at Will and Karen's house. Just a really wonderful family to spend time with. They own about 40 acres in a beautiful outback country setting. Yesterday (and today) the weather was perfect. I helped Will work on a new deck for their house. Later we all drove over to see the big house construction project Will is overseeing. It will be an amazing place in an amazing location! Lots of wildlife in the area.

We attended First Southern Baptist Church of Coffeyville this morning and enjoyed the service there. We left the Schofields around 1:15pm.

We drove through Oklahoma today. It started out very flat then south of Tulsa the land became more rolling. There certainly didn't appear to be much of anything around most places. A lot of the lands we passed through were part of Indian reservations. Cherokee, Creek, Choktow and others. I believe if I remember correctly most of these tribes were moved here by the U.S. government. Feel free to correct me on that. I don't have time to research that right now but I'd love to.

Anyway, I think the light from the computer screen is keeping the kids awake so we'll catch up with you another day.

Thanks for thinking about us and praying for us today!

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