Monday, October 27, 2008

Well we tore through Texas today. We didn't see a whole lot of interest from the interstates. Lots of wide open spaces! We went through Dallas which should be the largest city we go through on our trip. Traffic was heavy but never slowed or stopped. Actually on this whole trip so far we haven't hit any bad traffic, accidents, etc. We also went through Austin and around San Antonio.

The kids are doing great. We've pretty much settled into a routine with them on the road. Morning they do their homework then whatever keeps them occupied. Afternoons are DVD time.

We are staying overnight about 3 hours from the border in a little town called George West. We're at a Best Western Inn that has wireless but our room is on the end and the signal doesn't reach that far. So I'm out on the corridor next to the office.

Tomorrow we'll drive to the broker at Pharr TX. Wewill take care of things there, get a hotel room close to the border and do all the final preps for crossing the border early Wed. Those are our plans God willing.

Have a good night everyone!

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Crystal said...

It's been so great to be able to read all your Blog updates, I've really enjoyed hearing about your journey! It's so cool to see how God has blessed your travel so far. I am praying and believing for a smooth day tomorrow and through the rest of Central America.
Blessings on your travel!