Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We were looking forward to mostly resting today at my sister, Sharon and Bill's house. However after a phone call to the "transmigrantes" broker yesterday and a follow-up call this morning, we decided to unpack the truck and repack pretty much all our luggage(just for the fun of it!) No, the broker highly recommended packing all similar things together as much as possible and cutting out videos and most toys. So we spent most of our afternoon doing that REALLY FUN JOB. I suppose we'll soon be packing and unpacking in our sleep.

At any rate definitely keep on praying about the whole border experience.

We did get our truck title Fed-Exed this morning from a nearby shipping place to the border.

Angelica, Ali and Zack did some school work this morning with their cousins (who are also home schooled). Then they enjoyed playing most of the day. I think they would like to stay here longer.


Sally said...

I just wanted to say how much we miss you-can you tell from Camden's pic under followers. Just wondering if you have any chocolate left? Praying for you guys and keep the the posts coming!

Gwen Horning said...

So sorry you had to repack everything! Hope you made your list right away=)

Lisa said...

it's been fun to read your updates....we'll be praying for you as you cross the border.