Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here we are almost through Mexico. We are staying tonight, Friday night, in a small city called Huixtla. It is close to Tapachula and the border between Mexico and Guatemala. We anticipate crossing that border tomorrow.

Wow, there is so much we could say about our last two days of travel. The main thing is we haven't got lost or had vehicle problems or any negative thing like that. We got waved over to the side twice in the last two days, once at a police checkpoint ( this local yocal was looking for money to buy a “refresco”) and once at an army checkpoint (green army recuits). After a couple questions they let us go. I think we definitely seem like an oddity to them.

These two days though have felt like very long days and we're about wiped out by our stopping time at sundown. Mexican driving requires your full concentration ALL the time.

Yesterday (Thurs.) we started our drive going around the city of Tampico. That was a bit dirty and smelly. And the roads in the morning were pretty bad. Lots of trucks too. A lot of the rigs here are pulling double or twin trailers and the trailers appear to be full sized, not the short ones like at home. Of course, they don't go very fast up hills. But when they get going they make the most of their momentum! They certainly aren't afraid to pull heavy loads here.

Later around lunch time we passed through a major citrus growing area. Mile after mile of orange trees up hill and down. We stopped and bought some . They were excellent. Farther along the way, our route took us right out along the Gulf coast. We stopped for a break, played on the beach a little, wet our feet in the gulf, drank a coke then took off again! Everybody wanted to stay there and if we ever do this again I'm sure we'll figure in at least a half day's stop there.

We stopped Thurs. night just S.W. of Vera Cruz. If you can imagine a orangish pink prison cell that's sort of what our hotel room looked like. Maybe not that bad but definitely no luxury (besides A.C.) involved there. Not much picking choice in the area (actually NO picking choice) but it got the job done.

Today, Fri. our drive started out on very nice 4 lane highway that we had pretty much to ourselves. We passed through low flat lands which included a vast pineapple growing area. No, we didn't buy any. Too messy to eat on the fly! By mid to late morning we hit the absolute worst roads of our trip on the istmus between the Gulf coast and the Pacific coast. The “road” looked like the Mexican air force used it for a bombing range. Between the road and back seat drivers telling me to stop hitting all the potholes, I'm sure I was a bit stressed out. Anyway we got back on to some good road around lunch. After coming through the mountains we came down onto the lowlands between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains. The first town is very aptly named “La Ventosa” which means the windy place. Wow, was it ever. I definitely had both hands on the steering wheel there. Interestingly enough, they have a huge wind turbine project under construction there. A very interesting sight. The scenery from there on down to where we are staying tonight is my favorite of the trip so far. Beautiful towering mountains off to our right sometimes covered in clouds. It was also very sunny as opposed to a cloudy and a bit rainy day yesterday and this morning. The city we are staying in is a bit steamy and hot. The small A.C. unit is working overtime and not making much difference.

Please continue those prayers as we head for another border tomorrow. We've made initial contact with a border broker and are planning to meet him around 8:00am Sat. to get our paperwork processed.

Well that's enough for now. We update you next chance we get.

We are so grateful for God's provision thus far!

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