Sunday, November 2, 2008

I thank God that we are here in Guatemala, at a decent hotel, and Ali is feeling better and sleeping. We left our hotel in Hiaxtla, Mexico around 7:45am. Ali woke up with a sore throat and a fever. As is her custom when sick, she threw up. We left without breakfast because the restaurant didn't open until 9am on the weekend. We were wondering where and how we were going to meet up with Javier, a contact person whose name and number was given us by Bobby Gibson, another missionary living in Honduras. I had called Javier the night before from the hotel (with the hotel clerk helping me try different area codes until I got the right number), but I only had a vague idea where we were to meet him. We stopped at a gas station for whatever breakfast we could find and poor Ali threw up the little she did eat. Then as we drove along a guy on a motorcycle pulled up beside Harlan and said “Bobby?” God helped me understand what was going on and I nodded “Yes”. He then came to my side and said he was Javier!! We followed him to the border and he took care of all our paperwork on both the Mexican and Guatemalan sides of the border. It was a blessing and answer to prayer to have someone take care of all that especially since it was very hot and Ali was still sick and usually threw up after even a few sips of water. The whole process still took about 3 ½ hours and we were finally on the road about 1:00pm.

Following "our guy", Javier, to the border --->

We decided to shorten our travel time (Friday we traveled about 10 hours, excluding stops) and found a nice hotel recommended by the book Lonely Planet. The price listed in the book fit our budget ideas, but when we got here we found the price had almost tripled. We were tired and decided to stay anyway and the kids (and Harlan :) were thrilled with the pool area surrounded by tropical trees and plants. Ali was able to eat a little soup at dinner and is now sleeping without having thrown up since about 4pm. Thank you, God.

The picture on the left was taken out of my window after coming through a heavy thunderstorm.

Tomorrow we plan to meet Galen and Phyllis Groff, fellow EMM missionaries, in Coban, Guatemala, God willing. We look forward to a visiting with them and plan to continue our trip on Monday.

We thank God for all answered prayers and we thank all of you who are praying on our behalf. This will only get posted Sunday morning and we pray you are all blessed as you worship God with others today.

PS. Please pray for Ali. Although she is sitting here with us at breakfast eating applesauce, she just threw up again 15 minutes ago.

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