Saturday, November 8, 2008

Since I came to the internet cafe to get the email, I just wanted to write a quick note. We are all doing very well. Harlan, Zack and I went into Teguc on Thursday to pick up Andrea Zimmerman and do some shopping. We already had some hardware supplies to pick up for some small projects:). The girls decided to stay at the Finca with Karla and Lilian.

Harlan has been working on several small projects already. Among other things, he put a "widow-maker" shower head in for Andrea so she has hot water. Since it is unseasonably sunny here right now he will be working on the roof to try and keep our living room from becoming a pond when it rains:)

Along with Lilian, Karla, and Andrea, I have been working at sorting through the items in our house, cleaning, unpacking, cooking and washing clothes. I look forward to the time when everything has a place and is in it!

Ali and Angelica have been doing their school work, organizing their room, reading and connecting with some of the kids. As always, I think that will go much easier as they continue to relearn Spanish.

Zack has been going, going, going! He only comes back to the house when we make him. Yesterday he went with one of the older guys to buy us gas for our stove and ended up going on more errands when they got picked up by Angel in the truck. He is thoroughly enjoying himself and doesn't let the language barrier inhibit him. Anybody who is letting the language keep them from going to another country can take a lesson from children!

Thanks again to all for your many thoughts and prayers. May God bless you as you serve him.

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schofields said...

hey Horsts! So glad to be able to read your blogs. I have tried sending you a couple of emails but they keep being returned. Can you please send me your email address?

Have a great weekend guys.