Saturday, November 29, 2008

I know Janelle said I would blog yesterday, but in my defense, I told her she shouldn't promise anything.

Last Sat. the school here at La Finca had a nice graduation ceremony for the 6th graders who passed and will be moving on to "colegio". You can see the 8 students with their teachers in the picture on the left. Several of them were kids that Janelle had in kinder class the last time we lived here. It was great to see them moving ahead with their education. I was the "padrino" or sponsor for Alex, the boy kneeling on the left.

This week we started some remodel work on the place where Dwain and Audrey will be living. That is also where the classroom for our children will be. That's Angel and Samuel in the picture plastering the kitchen area. We hoping it turns out a bit cozier than it had been. I was also working this week on leveling off a parking area for our truck next to our house. I'd like to get back to working down on the farm land but right now other things are taking priority. It is great to have some good help with the work here. In fact, the older boys in many cases know better than I do how to go about things here.

Thanksgiving Day found us doing our usual day off routine of shopping in Teguc. Didn't feel like much of a holiday to us. We did buy a new stove and Janelle made us a nice belated Thanksgiving dinner with it today. Smoked chicken though instead of turkey. It was very good. We've been inviting some of the young adults to share a meal with us. Today Kelly and Mirian ate with us. And Andrea has been eating most of her main meals with us.

The primary elections in Honduras will take place tomorrow. Pray for God's will to be done there. Pray for us as we continue to adjust and seek to find the balance between personal time, our family time, work, and time with the greater family here at La Finca (oh, and blogging time of course!)

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