Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Orleans

We spent a night in New Orleans sadly with no time to do this very interesting city much justice.  It was interesting to observe the folks on the train who call New Orleans home get all excited and profess their undying love for their city as we approached the mighty Mississippi.  The train crew was excited as well because New Orleans was the end of their run.  They had started out in L.A. several days ago.  We crossed into the city right as the last colorful light of dusk was fading.  Most of our pics didn't turn out well :- (.  It was a short cab ride to our hotel.  Nice place!  But again, we were only there to take care of the business at hand ( getting some shut-eye).  Up on the 12th floor, we took a moment or two to take in some wonderful food smells and figure out what that odd sound was.  Sounded like a low flying airplane about to crash into our hotel!  Turns out it was just the trolley running on its tracks down below us.  Bright and early we were back at the train station to get on the Crescent to begin our track north.    Got to see a bit of the city on our way out.  Lake Pontchartrain on the north side seemed to go on forever.  We'll have to pay New Orleans the proper visit it deserves some other time.

Zack's buddies on the Sunset Limited

Sun setting on the Louisiana marshes

In the observation car for our crossing over Mighty Miss

Ship yards where Navy ships are being built out of steel from  the World Trade Center

Lit -up Superdome as seen through the train window 

Nor'leans at night

Just some pretty and fragrant flowers in the hotel reception

View from our 12th floor hotel room patio

City in the morning

We will ride north to Philadelphia on the Crescent

We rode the Sunset Limited from Houston to  New Orleans

N. O. Amtrak Station

Cemetry in N. O.

On the shores of Lake Pontchartrain

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Karen said...

Just caught up reading about your trip so far...looks like fun! Maybe some year we'll get to TX...