Friday, June 8, 2012

"Beautiful" backside of America Part III: Industrious America (as viewed from the train)

For obvious reasons there is much heavy industrial and commercial activity along the rails.  This provides some of the most interesting scenery as we travel.  Again, not exactly a pristine sort of scenery but captivating all the same.  And revealing!  Many places one can see that the glory days of a certain industry are long past.  A lot of decay is on display.  But our great potencial as a nation can still be discerned from what one sees gliding past the train car windows.

Gulf Coast ship yards

Grain silos holding some of Louisiana's rice harvest

Didn't know we grew so much rice in the U.S. 

Birmingham's "beautiful" backside

All kinds of forest products on the rails

Massive "retired" iron mill in Birmingham

Seeing lots of recycled metals on  rail cars along w/ many scrap yards 

One of the what seemed like hundreds of freight locomotives we passed 
Lots of feed & grain mills along the tracks

One entire train of new John Deer Tractors

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Betty Sauder said...

I have been following you train ride. The pictures you are posting are very interesting. Safe travels the rest of the way home.