Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bits & Pieces from the Rails

A car-carrying freight car

One of many sport fishing boats next to the tracks in Lake Pontchartrain, LA

Getting on or off the train is so much more free-form than flying

Zack playing Solitaire time on the train

Old rail car parts and other scap along the rails in Birmingham

The wrong side of the tracks in Birmingham, AL 

Rails and Trails voluntary Park Ranger (they do Santa Claus on the side!)

We passed a massive facility that either constructs and/or repairs all types of U.S. military tracked vehicles

From a bygone era


Snack car galley 

Sugar cane?

Union Pacific freight engines

One of the smaller Gulf Coast cities of TX or LA

Rice fields we assume

Busy freight junction in Gainesville, GA

Norfolk Southern Engineers (yes, those are women driving that train!)

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