Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Beautiful" backside of America Part I: (as viewed from the tracks)

"America's Premier Housing" or "Prime Real Estate Opportunities in the South"
(Titles to be taken with a grain of salt! Chose the title you like best.)

While there is some great scenery to view from the train, frequently the views are a bit more like what you will see in the pics of the following series of blogs.  Maybe not great vistas of America's beauty, but still quite interesting and telling all the same.  This blog focuses on some of the housing in the southern states that we viewed along the way.  Guess there's no land rush to build your mansion along the train tracks!  

Pulling out of Houston

A bit past their prime

A half bubble off plumb

Bananas in the U.S.? How strange!

Typical New Orleans house

Wonder what it looked like before Katrina?

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Anonymous said...

Love your sense of humor. So nice you are allowing those who follow your blog to "travel home with you!"