Thursday, April 9, 2009

Strange Creatures

Ok, this time we're just going to have pictures of strange and exotic animals and perhaps people?! :)

I think this strange thing is called a madre culebra here and supposedly it is dangerous. I didn't know how it could be, but Dwain, the one it landed on, wasn't taking any chances. :)

The bird below is a zopilote or commonly known in English as a... buzzard.

This is a picture of a nest of a very invasive animal and one that is considered the most dangerous... to many forms of plant life - the sompopo! The large cutter ants have carried off many of the plants that Dwain and Harlan have planted including the peas that I personally was anticipating.

This beauty showed up in the Finca today.

And this is a Danilo, pretending to take a picture of us while he actually took one of himself.

Javier continues to do well. He got the stitches removed from his head and the orthopedic doctor says he can now be sitting some of the time. He just loves when Andrea comes to visit him especially when she paints his fingernails! He protested, but we know he enjoyed it. :)

The rest of the pictures are at a bonfire we had this past Friday.

I know Harlan promised photos of the new construction in the next blog, but it will have to be the next blog when he writes it! :)


Sally said...

EEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!! Picture #1 is enough to give me the willies. I cannot stand critters big or small!


Jodi Burkepile said...

Not sure I wanted to see those photos of the strange creatures before coming down there.. :-)

Gandhi said...

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