Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, Harlan is eventually going to post pictures of the new construction, but in the meantime...

Using the pool while it's still clean before all the Finca kids get in. No pump or working filter and 100 kids swimming in clothes eventually equals gray pool water!

We did eventually let him in to swim... :)

Angelica with her friends Maribel and Claribeth

There was a team here from Oklahoma, friends of Dwain's family. They did many things including gardening, singing, crafts, handing out gift bags, and painting of both walls and faces. :)

Zack was a pirate with a cross on his cheek and Angelica was an Easter doll after face painting with the team!!

Angelica, Ali and Heidi, a member of the Oklahoman team, made peanut butter cookies for dinner one evening.

We also helped Dwain celebrate his birthday. I have never seen anyone else that excited to get bloodmeal as a gift! :) Oh, and we did give him pretzels, as well.

And just one more fun picture of Dwain using a jump rope!!!!

And just so you know that Andrea doesn't have all the fun... she did let Javier paint her fingernails, as well!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for all your prayers and support. May God continue to bless you as you seek him!!

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