Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yes, we're still around plugging away at life here in Honduras. We are enjoying many good moments but the occasional difficulty does come our way.

One particularly difficult incident passed our way last week on Thursday. An unfortunate accident involving one of the boys here at La Finca stopped all our hearts for awhile. Thank God his angels were with us (particularlywith Javier) and the situation, though very scary as it unfolded, didn't turn out as ugly as it could have. From our human perspective it is unimaginable that he could have escaped with the relatively light injuries he incurred. God was faithful in our moment of need. This pic shows Javier recovering in bed. His mother is with him. Join us in prayer for his continued recovery.

On to other things. Recently we did a day trip to the town of Guaimaca. Our hope was to make contact with Mennonites that supposedly lived in the area. We had an interesting drive out to an area of Honduras that was new to us. After a good bit of driving around the area looking for clues as to where Mennonites might be, we spotted the name Smucker on a sign and figured there might be a connection. The place we stopped at consisted of a restraunt, ice cream and souvenir shop, and a lawn furniture business run by members of the same family. Turns out they are pretty much the sole remaining family that was associated with the Mennonite colony. We enjoyed chatting with them and hearing some of their story.

The Kennel family also paid us another visit staying overnight this time! We always enjoy their company. The plan was to do an outdoor doggie roast but dry and windy conditions forced us indoors. Wasn't quite the same doing it in the fireplace. Oh well, maybe the next time.

We usually invite the older kids over for a meal when they are celebrating a birthday. Recently Danilo and Mirna celebrated their birthdays on the same day.

Zack and Harlan replacing the all important screens on our house.

More pictures on the ongoing construction next time!

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