Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Visitors from Home

Yes, we're a little behind "schedule" with our blogging. We've just said good-bye to the work group from our home church in PA. It was very encouraging as usual to have them here and a bit difficult to get on with things after they left.

We had good times of fellowship as the group shared in our lives here these past few days. We ate most of our meals together giving Janelle a nice break from meal prep. The team included Aaron and Louise Weaver, Scott, Jodi, Joshua and Kira Garman, David and Lisa Buch, and Sarah Burkholder. Angelica, Ali, and Zack really enjoyed having some visitors their size to play with. The group helped with the construction projects, painted and lent a hand or two to the gardening project.

Our extended family here at La Finca really appreciated our visitors as well. It's great to see how these kids come alive when there are extra souls around to provide some loving interaction.

We thank God the team from home was able to come. Hope to see more of you here sometime!

Some photos from our Sunday afternoon hike up into the mountains.

"Not another picture mom!"
"It's about time somebody takes a picture of me!"

Zack and Edwardo posing in front of an old mine storage chamber. This mountain once contained some of the richest mines in Latin America

This beautiful waterfall was the goal of our hike.

Concho, Josh and I admiring bananas harvested behind our house. This time we got 'um before the 'posum did!

If only we can get our banana grove to produce like this.

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