Monday, February 23, 2009

Baking, Shopping and a Birthday

Well, today was quite a full day. We started out by going into Teguc to do the grocery shopping for the team coming from our church. Nine people will arrive around noon on Wednesday. Pray for their safety and a problem free trip! The eight other gringos here will be joining in their meals, plus they are hosting a meal for all the live-in workers here at the Finca, so that translated into a truck load of food! :) We left around 8am as usual and I thought we might be back around 11am. Well, we finally got back around 1:30-ish.

Zack and I were planning on going to a birthday party for one of his friends which was supposed to start at 2. Thank goodness we are in Honduras and that actually means 2:30-ish! :) We quickly unloaded all the groceries, helped Andrea organize some of it (the team will be staying with her in the "missionary house"), and got ready to go to the party. I really thank God for the convenience of cell phones. From Teguc I was able to call and ask Karla Patricia to help my kids get lunch, then call Lilian to take care of them (and wrap the birthday gift:) after she was done working and Patricia had to go to school.

Zack and I caught a ride with Angel who was taking some of the Finca kids to the party. I put Angelica, Ali, Lilian, and Jaquelin in charge of making dinner. The recipe was in English and between my girls' limited Spanish and Lilian's limited English and cell phone calls to me at the party, they made a great Beef Nacho Casserole for dinner!
Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take the camera to the birthday party so no pictures.

Yesterday, Sunday, we had some friends over for lunch. Guillermo and Luz Cerrito and two of their children joined us for lasagna along with Concho, Danilo and Andrea. We met the Cerritos at the Finca's sixth grade graduation this past year and went to their house for Sunday lunch a couple of months ago.
Guillermo works for a forage grass seed
distribution company and knows quite a
bit about agriculture so Harlan, Dwain,
Concho, Danilo, and Guillermo had a lot
to talk about! :)

All three of the Cerrito children attend a bilingual school and can understand/speak English. Daniel is 14 and got to spend the afternoon with Zack listening to the many and varied stories and thoughts that fill a 5 year old's head! :)

It was a beautiful day to look around the Finca and sit in the sun!

Ali spent part of the afternoon looking for bugs with Alicia, one of the Finca girls. It seems one of the colegio (highschool) girls needed to find and identify 17 insects!

This past week was fairly busy, as well. We, Audrey, Angelica,
Ali and I, thought it would be nice to have some good
homemade baked items on hand for the team when they come. So on Friday they baked brownies and chocolate chip cookies and on Saturday we baked banana breads and miniature pumpkin and chocolate whoopie pies with cream cheese icing. We also baked enough whoopie pies for the Finca kids and workers. It was two long days of baking, but we know it was worth it! :)

Harlan and Dwain are keeping very busy with the agriculture project. This week they installed the water tank and are working on the irrigation lines that will be used for watering the crops during the dry season that will soon arrive.

Harlan even got to play with fire in order to heat the tubing so it would slide over the fittings on the tank! :)

I'm sure that everybody's weeks are full and sometimes it may feel like we do not have the time to do the things we want to do or the things that we know are important. I believe that if we seek God first and ask him what he wants us to do and then make sure we are doing his will and not others' (even though what they may ask us to do are good things), then we will find that we have done what we wanted and the things that we know are important! Now I just need to live it! :) May God bless you as you follow his will wherever you are.

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