Saturday, February 7, 2009

Farm stuff and fish?!

Hey y'all, it's me again. I know, I know, it should be Harlan, but he's busy :) and you'll just have to put up with me! This week's been pretty good, not too busy, but it's been c-o-l-d!! I know you think that it's much colder where you Northamericans are, but it's been getting down to 46 degrees or so at night and very windy. This translates to waking up to about 56 degrees inside my house and wind coming in through all windows and cracks and no heat to turn on. The upside is that it also means no mosquitos right now!! :)

This past Thursday we decided to go visit Agafam. Agafam is an agricultural fair type event held in Tegucigalpa. We, our family, Dwain, Audrey, and Andrea, left right after Audrey and the kids finished school. The animals there were mainly horses and cows from different farms and ranches around Honduras. They also had some chickens, rabbits (who were digging under the fence and getting in the chicken pen) and some ponies for rides.
The fair also had the usual rides, games, food stands, and other stands selling sweets, jewelry, clothing, cowboy apparal, etc. Zack is at least one more step closer to being a cowboy, although it's Ali who has been wearing the hat lately. :)

We had decided to eat lunch there and my lunch was, well... interesting. I decided that I wanted fish and asked it I could have it grilled instead of the usual fried. The guy said he could steam it for me, but it would take about 15 minutes. Well, 30-40 minutes later :) I received my whole
steamed fish. By this time I wasn't hungry (since I had been picking off of everyone else's plates:) and it didn't help that Zack kept playing with the fish and opening and closing it's mouth! It didn't stop me from eating it, but I did give most of it to a couple of boys who came asking for money or food. If you're really interested, Dwain took a picture of the fish before I ate it!

We did our weekly grocery shopping before heading back to Valle. Harlan dropped the women off at the grocery store before heading to a hardware store, Do It Center. Just a note... I called to let them know we were finishing grocery shopping and they were still shopping at the hardware store. That should put a stop to complaints of how long it takes to do the grocery shopping. :)

We've been having a lot of fun learning new things we can make from scratch. Audrey introduced us to homemade pizza crust, soft pretzels, granola cereal and granola bars. We also make our own peanut butter and hummus. Some of the things we hope to try are bagels, bread, yogurt cheese, etc. Angelica has also baked us some yummy whole wheat brownies and has plans to try some other desserts.

This afternoon, Saturday, we all kind of went our different ways. Angelica went with Andrea and a bunch of the Finca girls to go play volleyball and soccer with youth from a couple other local churches. Ali, Harlan, Dwain and Audrey took a group of the Finca boys to the top of the mountain on the east side of Valle.

The picture above/right is looking down at the Finca. Our house is to the far right.

Flowers make anyone feel pretty :)

Zack and I stayed at the Finca while Zack and his sidekick, Brayan, went exploring, climbing trees, hunting rats under our house and throwing pinecones at them. :) I hung out for a little with Lilian, Jaquelin and the "babies" behind our house and then actually started some scrapbooking, which I've been wanting to start since we got here. It was great to have a little down time and relax.

Tomorrow, may you find a day of rest as you seek God and worship him with others!!!

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