Saturday, January 31, 2009

Costa Rica and back again!

While we needed to travel to Costa Rica (or Belize, or Mexico, or Panama:) in order to renew our visas here in Honduras, it was also a wonderful time relaxing and resting with our family. Oh, and Andrea, but you won't see any pictures of her because I was expressly forbidden by her to post any! :) We thank God for a safe and fairly uneventful trip. We enjoyed seeing new and different parts of His creation.

<---I want to go down the slide, but...

...not really :)

Lots of fun in the pool!

Some of the wildlife at the beach in Costa Rica!

Harlan and Zack took a father/son day and went to a national park (while the girls hung out at the pool :)

Zack even learned how to use the camera!!

The trip back also went very well. We thank God for his protection over us and the truck. We were not given the proper truck paperwork at the southern Nicaragua border which could have caused problems and a $100 fine at the northern border. God gave us an honest border agent who went and checked the computer and saw we were telling the truth. He said he would just note that we hadn't received the paperwork and he let us go! Please pray that everything was properly noted so that we won't have any problems in the future when we need to travel through Nicaragua again.

We arrived home on Thursday evening and now it's back to the usual routines of work and school. The kids had school Friday and Saturday to make up for one of the missing days. They did get to make soft pretzels as an after school activity so it's not all just work, work, work!!

Just a quick little fun fact: during the time that I have been posting this blog I have killed at least... at least 10 mosquitos. I am really looking forward to having all my torn screens replaced and my ceiling fixed once the leaking roof is fixed! While it doesn't rain every day it is often enough that it's not advisable to take your roof off! :)

Thank you to all who continue to pray for us and support us in many ways. Thank you to all who sent Christmas cards (we received about 13 just last week:), birthday cards, e-cards and gifts. We feel very blessed!! May God bless all of you as you seek him.

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Jessica said...

Hello! I came across your blog this evening, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it!

I am inspired by the work you are doing in Honduras. Kudos to your family for doing such wonderful work for the Lord!