Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back in School

After a long vacation, Angelica, Ali, and Zack are back in school! They all seem to be enjoying it so far. Getting them up and going in the morning is somewhat of a challenge. Five people trying to use our small bathroom at the same time is also a challenge.

Audrey has set up a very nice little classroom for them. The classroom is located within Dwain and Audrey's house.

I (Harlan), along with a group of "finca" kids, have been helping Dwain get started on planting garden rows on the farmland. Dwain is getting acquainted with some of the realities of gardening here. So far all the work of preparing the ground is being done by hand. Slow going, but thanks to Dwain's persistent efforts we've gotten quite a bit of seed in the ground. Pray with us that most of it survives and does well. As I mentioned there are kids who are very interested in gardening and show up every day to help out. This is our goal with this project. Not just to produce food for "La Finca" but also to teach the kids and develop an interest in farming among them.

Bible classes have also been restarted this week with all the kids. Classes will meet Fri. afternoon at 4:30 and the same classes will meet for Sun. school. I am teaching the older boys. It will challenging for sure as it is with youth anywhere. Pray that something meaningful will be passed along to them during our time together.

We continue to wait for our truck license plates to be processed. This week they told us to wait until the 20th then check again. We would very much like to have them in time for when we need to travel to Costa Rica, but we'll try to go with the "flow"!

A certain very important (and special) person around here is celebrating her birthday on Sunday! Audrey, Andrea, Angelica, Ali, and Zack baked up some special treats (things she wouldn't normally eat) for the birthday girl. Today Janelle and I plan to spend some time by ourselves celebrating her birthday. Time alone is hard to come by here, so we're looking forward to it. Pray for Janelle and all of us as we continue face the many unique issues of life here at "La Finca".

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