Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Another busy and full week, but I'm sure most of you can say the same thing! Two overlapping Texas teams with some lost luggage and our own truck paperwork to continue meant many trips to Teguc.

The Texas teams brought gifts, clothing, and pajamas for all, including us.

One of the teams also brought t-shirts which they tie dyed for everyone, after each person chose the colors they wanted. Some of the Finca girls thought it was terrible that I picked purple as one of the colors for Harlan as "men don't wear purple." Maybe I should have picked pink. :)

On New year's eve after a time of worship and prayer, we had the, yes you guessed it, required bonfire.

Karla Patricia holding Zack, who eventually fell asleep and went up to bed. Angelica and Ali made it to 10:45 until their parents had to go to bed. :)

I don't think that we've posted a picture of Klarissa, daughter of Alonso and Michele (directors here at the Finca). I think she's about 7 months old. Here she is with Jaquelin, Heidy and Lilian.
Please pray for these three, as well as all the girls here, that they may know how beautiful they are to their Creator and how much He loves them!

Here is another picture of God's awesome creation. I took this picture through a screen before trying to go outside , which is good because it then promptly flew off!

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