Friday, December 26, 2008

Here and Gone

We celebrated Christmas with La Finca kids on Dec.23rd. They woke up very excited as you would expect! Each child received a new set of clothes early in the morning. Then it was time for pinatas, a must for any Latin American Christmas celebration. Compared to some past experiences, we managed to get through the pinata festivities without too much chaos or injury.

Next, each child received a Christmas gift package.
We ate lunch in the church. KFC provided the special meal of the day. The kids ( and visitors) seemed to really enjoy it.

Later in the afternoon, we had a Christmas program in the church. I got to play Goliath in a short drama we put on. I guess 'cause I'm big and ugly:). Alex played the part of David, little Aaron was my shield bearer. Janelle was the narrator. I'm not sure what this all had to do with Christmas, besides the fact that Jesus was born into the line of David? Maybe they'll come up with a true Christmas drama next year.

In the evening Alonso gave a short power point presentation on the history of La Finca. Very interesting! After that we made a bonfire and had cookies and hot chocolate.

Our family had our own little Christmas celebration on the 25th. Angelica made french toast for breakfast. We read the Christmas story then opened gifts. We enjoyed some of the gifts like Chinese Checkers and building a Lego car before needing to start preparations on the evening Christmas dinner.

In the evening we had a meal for all the staff who live here. Janelle made lasagna. Not exactly a typical Christmas food here or at home but that's what was requested. We also enjoyed Mexican appetizers and a Honduran desert, tres leches cake, and cookies made by Andrea and our girls. We had four extra guests for dinner because part of a team from Texas arrived in the afternoon.

Here are some snapshots of Ernest and Doris Soady, as well as our family on the afternoon of the 23rd, the Finca Christmas. Note: Zack's hairstyle courtesy of La Finca Styling Salon, aka Karla Patricia :)

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Lori said...

We just wanted to say "hello" and that we miss your dearly! You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday!!!! Love, Lori,Burns,Kierstin,Emily and Amber