Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas is coming!

This weeks activities seemed to be dominated by two main activities. Getting our truck processed through the government office that oversees imports and making preparations for Christmas.

The official importing of our truck turned out to be a pain in the neck. No surprise there really. Just how business is done in Honduras. We didn't realize they would need to impound our truck for several days while this part of the process took place. There still remains one or two more steps to go before the truck is completely "Honduranized". We need to take it to the police division where they do their processing to register and provide plates for newly arrived vehicles. Sound confusing? Of course, but like I said just par for the course here. We do hope this last step goes quickly. We're told it should.

Getting ready for Christmas has a bit more fun although almost as crazy. Lights and other decorations have gone up. The smell of cookies baking has filled the house a few times. Janelle still has a soft spot or two when it comes to baking. Actually Andrea started the whole cookie baking thing. No problem with me! Visitors have been arriving. Maria Elena, a former volunteer, is here 'til Jan.2 . Ernest and Doris Soady, directors of E.M.C. are here 'til Dec. 24th. There are lots of activities planned for the upcoming week.
I'm supposed to play the part of Goliath in a mini drama for the Christmas program. There's Zack trying on my "helmet". We also went with the Christmas choir twice this week to two different malls in Teguc. to sing. They have a couple more places to sing yet before Christmas.

Janelle has been enjoying using Skype to stay in touch with family and friend. You can't beat talking for free!

Work continues in Audrey and Dwain's house. The tile work will hopefully soon be finished and then the cupboards.

Angelica and Ali were more than happy to help Andrea bake cookies!!

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