Friday, December 12, 2008

Saturday we took a group of kids with us for a lo-o-o-ong walk to the top of a mountain. We got to see where Alonso's wife, Michele, lived when she was little and where her grandmother still lives. Ali and Zackery are with Heidy on the left. We found some ripe blackberries and Zackery almost fell down the mountainside trying to get some! :)

On Sunday, we were invited to Guillermo and Luz Cerrito and family for lunch in Tegucigalpa. They are friends of the Finca and we met them when they were out for the 6th grade graduation. We had a great time with them and our kids loved playing with their's and their little weiner dog puppy! We decided to go to the Union Church (English speaking church) on Sunday morning before going to the Cerrito's and them since we were still in Teguc when the English speaking service at CCI started at 5pm we went there as well!

On Monday we invited Concho to lunch as it was his 22nd birthday. We also invited Liliana, the Argentinian lady from Spain who has joined the Finca :), Lilian, and Andrea, as usual.

Monday afternoon was girl's afternoon out :) and we went to the "other finca" where the soccer field is. Some of the boys showed up with Alonso to exercise so "we" played a short soccer game.

Harlan found an old corn grinder that he fixed and now uses to grind corn for the chickens. Zack loves feeding them and they always follow him when he walks down in the finca or takes out the garbage!

Harlan and some of the older boys continue fixing up the house where Dwain and Audrey will live. Here Concho is "repellando" a wall in the bathroom.

On the right is the Finca choir. Today Harlan, Berta and I went along with them to Tegucigalpa where they sang at one bank. Here they are standing in front of a beautiful mural at the HSBC bank near the central plaza in Teguc. While they were singing in this bank, the bank's public relation's guy came and told us the kids were to also go and sing at another bank! So we needed to walk the 33 kids a couple of blocks along busy downtown streets in their "togas" or choir robes to catch our bus to go to the other bank. The kid's were given lunch after their second "concert" and we headed back to Valle. We only lost two of the white "scarves" and no children so it was a great day! :)

We thank God for His protection today and for our good health. He continues to give us the strength we need to do the work He has given us. May God bless you as you prepare to celebrate Jesus' birth.