Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh Yeah...

Ok, I wrote the blog last night (when I should have been sleeping :), reread it this morning and realized I had forgotten a couple of things!

On Thursday, we took a group of about 20 of the youth/young adults to an event at Encuentro campground in the late afternoon. A group of "gringo" youth from a Christian high school in Texas come every year. They are led by Jenny, a former missionary kid whose parents still live and work at the campground part of the year. The group comes do crafts and play with the Finca kids. They also partner with students from Jenny's former bilingual school in Teguc, Los Pinares,to go to the local public high school here in Valle. The Pinares' students translate for the "gringo" youth. This year the team decided to try and plan a party in order to bring all the groups together in an informal way to play games, have pizza and then a message about Christ. The Texas group invited the youth from the local high school, which includes the Finca youth, and the students from Pinares. They planned on about 50-75 people and ended up with more than 150! That meant needing to try and get more pizza from somewhere, but it also meant that many more people heard the message of Christ! First everyone played soccer, volleyball, games and races. Later, a "gringo" girl and a Pinares girl each gave their testimony and Samuel, the director of the school here at the Finca, preached a message. It was a good evening of interaction between different groups of Honduran youth and gringos.

Also, just in case anyone thinks I'm unnecessarily cruel or fanatical about sweets, we did let the older boys have dessert with their reward dinner! We had some of the cupcakes we made for Ali's birthday and ice cream. I also gave them a peanut butter concoction that everyone loved, asked when I was going to make it again and asked what it was called. I had to admit that it was an accident because I ruined some peanut butter icing that I tried to make. Now they started asking me for some some more "accident"!! We also had popcorn later and watched the movie Facing the Giants.

See ya next time!!

PS. I love to read any comments that anyone would like to leave. Hint, hint :)


Karen said...

I enjoy reading your blog! Have a good day!

Crystal said...

YEAH comments, of course!!! Why didnt I think to leave any before now!!! (but I got your hint this time!) Glad to hear you had a great time with the youth and you were willing to allow them to indulge in a few of the forbidden sweets. ;o)
I love you blogs and check them frequently for updates- I never miss reading them. Thanks!

Pat Leaman said...

Hi Janelle,
How like us to always think about food! I really like to read the food descriptions - I admire your
'healthy endeavors' and roasting almonds. I think that you are certainly God's instrument:)