Friday, May 25, 2012

Today we're leaving Honduras on a jet plane, bringing an end to this chapter of life in our dearly beloved Honduras.  It will be difficult to say good-bye to so many great friends and very special relationships.  But God has called us to move on and so we are.  Our exit will be quite a contrast to our arrival in Nov. of 2008 when we entered Honduras by land in our truck.

On  our way out we will fly from Tegucigalpa to Houston.  We will spend about a week there staying with a friend of ours and a friend of La Finca, Ginger Noyes.  We will then take the train on to New Orleans, spending a night there then proceeding to Hattiesburg, Miss.  There we will get of the train and spend two nights with the Schoefields, friends and former missionaries in Honduras.  Then we will re-board the train to Gainsville, GA where we will rent a vehicle and drive to visit Harlan's sister and family south of Knoxville, TN.  After spending a night there, we will return to Gainsville, re-board the train and travel to Washington D.C.  From there on to Philadelphia then on to Lancaster, PA.  Hope to arrive there (home!) June 7th around 5:00 PM.

Not quite as an exciting adventure as driving to Honduras but should be fun and interesting.  We will make an effort to blog and post pics on the highlights of our trip at least every other day as we are traveling.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as we head out!

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Lynette said...

Praying for your safety as you travel and as you transition!