Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Hasta la Proxima" Honduras

Our exit out of Honduras yesterday was a low key affair.  We said good-bye to the kids at La Finca early in the morning then Alonso took us to the airport.  Danilo, Rafa  and Yessica and German met up with us there.  We were able to "break bread" (tortillas actually) one last time together thanks to McDonald's strategic location in the airport.  As we were getting ready to leave, it was a tremendous blessing to hear the others with us discussing plans for future cooperation between the ministries and people we've been working with in Honduras.  Thank you God for letting us go out on such a high note.  God is faithful!

We then had to say some difficult good-byes and go get on our plane.  We enjoyed a completely uneventful flight (that's the way we prefer it) to Houston where we were met by Ginger and her daughter, Aaryn.  We are now being subjected to some serious Texas/Southern hospitality!  More on that in the next blog.........

Late breakfast at Mc's in the airport 

Danilo took a break from his work day to say good-bye.  What a tremendous example he has become of what God can do for someone when they surrender their life to Him! 
"Fly away, fly away"

John Deers and jets!  
Backin' out
Should have flown with that airline.  No, wait.....that's the Honduran airforce! 
Hey!.......Want to race?
Good-bye Toncontin (one of the most dangerous international airports in the western hemisphere).  Thanks for the many thrills over the years!
"Adios" Teguc.

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