Friday, May 4, 2012

Finca's 43rd Anniversary

 First, a time of praising God and giving him the glory for 43 years of many of Honduras' children being cared for and brought up in the knowledge of him.

Presenting the remodeled laundry room!

Ernest and Doris Soady, directors of EMC, dedicating the laundry room in prayer

Javier and Denia "modeling" one of the dryers... :)

 Alonso and Michele Gomez, current directors at the Finca

Rafael, Delmi and Samuel Rivas

Peter Payson. adding "character" to the picture... :)

 Da boyz :)

Elda Martinez and Andrea Zimmerman with some of the girls

ya llego el Kentucky...

Thank you God for the many hands that make this possible!
the beautiful evening sky over the Finca that night

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