Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We were honored to be invited to the wedding of Lilian and Jose Li. Lilian is Mirna's oldest sister. They just got married in their local church this past Saturday, May 14th. Lilian and her husband wanted to honor the Lord, do the right thing and move beyond their common law status. They have been together for some time, have several children, but haven't had the necessary money for the official wedding until now. Their church was able to help them out. Here in Honduras many people have two ceremonies. By law, they are required to have a civil ceremony in which they need to have a lawyer attend and it is usually very expensive. Later after the paperwork is finished (I think usually at least a week or two later), they then have the church ceremony if they so choose. Many people do not do either of these ceremonies unless they have enough money for both. Actually, many people, especially the poor, do not even consider the official marriage procedure as an option.

We were not able to attend the actual wedding ceremony. A decision was made the day before the wedding to change the time from 4pm to 10am and we were not able to make it in time. Jose Li, Lilian and family live about 4 1/2 hours away from Valle de Angeles. We were able to spend the afternoon with the family and attend church with them in the evening.

Mirna with her mom, Luz (who is cooking the wedding reception lunch of chop suey) and her sisters, Lilian and Gladys

With Mirna in their backyard

Mirna, Lilian and Mirna's niece, Emily, during a visit about two weeks ago

We believe Lilian and Jose Li will be good examples for Mirna as they seem to be sincere followers of Christ and willing to work hard to provide for their family. We pray God's blessing on their marriage and their family.

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Anonymous said...

It is neat to see how God works in lives in any cultural setting for those who want to honor Him! Thanks for the time you take to post on your blog site!