Wednesday, May 11, 2011

visa renewal trip to Belize

Once again we needed to leave Honduras in order to be able to come back to Honduras and stay for a while longer... :)

We drove to San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras for a meeting on Saturday and then on to Choloma (just north of San Pedro Sula). We spent two nights in Choloma visiting friends, Francisco, Blanca and family, as well as the church plant where they are pastoring. They were a great blessing to us as they gave us a room for the night, provided a place for us to leave our truck and arranged a ride for us to Puerto Cortes on Monday morning and a ride back on Friday.

Below is a picture at an traffic light in Choloma where we needed to wait as police and military cleared the intersection of a student protest. You can see the police removing rocks from the road and the students in the distance marching down the road.

We took a "ferry", pictured below, from Puerto Cortes, Honduras, to Placencia, Belize, where we stayed for four days until the ferry returned to Honduras on Friday morning. We drove the rest of the way home and arrived around 9:30 on Friday evening. We thank God for a great, uneventful, relaxing, restful trip and quality family time!

...arriving at Placencia

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