Wednesday, May 11, 2011


First, some friends from Oklahoma, Jim and Betty Geib, Nathan Geib, and Reyes and Heidi Chupp, came to visit. We first met them two years ago when they came to visit Dwain and Audrey Livengood at the Finca de los Ninos. They came again this year to visit and help out at the Finca. We were glad to see them again. When they came to visit we made them work and gave them something to eat. :)

Then, some friends from England arrived, right about the same time. Hamish, Rachel, Seth, Darcy and Flora Macdonald were able to stay about seven weeks. We had only met them when they visited Valle and the Finca last year, but they, too, became fast friends! Unfortunately, we didn't take any family photos.

We also made them work when they came over... :) Awesome eggs and chips, Hamish and delicious carmelized onions, Rachel!

Seth, Darcy and and Flora were able to spend the night a couple of times and the girls had fun pretending to be Indian princesses while the boys enjoyed bothering the girls (and playing with Lincoln Logs)!

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