Thursday, December 2, 2010

from PA to Honduras

From cold and windy to... cold and windy. :) We arrived back in Honduras on Monday after being in Pennsylvania (and 2 days in Virginia) for about a month. It's good kite weather in either place, but slightly chillier in PA. :)

We had an awesome time with friends and family and were able to see many of you. We were able to see the fall leaves, experience a very little bit of snow and celebrate Thanksgiving with family. We feel very blessed to know all of you and appreciate all that you do for us.

We are grateful for a safe and fairly uneventful trip back to Honduras. Six of our suitcases did not arrive with us, but we thank God that they did arrive the next day.

We have started the process of moving out of the Finca and into a newly rented house. We have been busy packing up and moving what we can. We were grateful for the help of Aaron and Louise Weaver, who traveled down with us. We hope to be finished moving by Saturday evening.

Please continue to pray for our family as we transition to a new home, for El Camino Adelante as it moves forward in becoming a legally recognized entity and for the young people who will be a part of the new ministry. Please also pray for our Finca family as some members move on to other homes and new members are added.

As we move closer to the time when we celebrate Christ's birth, may you truly seek his peace, love and joy in your own life and your relationships with others!

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Anonymous said...

Thankful with you that your return to Honduras went well. We keep you in our prayers as changes are happening for your family!