Saturday, December 11, 2010

colegio graduations

This year, we were padrinos for two different girls who graduated from colegio. Mirna was an afternoon student and Yaquelin was an evening student. Kelly, another girl who used to be at the Finca, also graduated this year. Being padrinos meant that we needed to attend their graduation, walk them "down the aisle", be their official witnesses and sign some papers. This year the witness signings happened the day before at the colegio or high school and the graduation ceremonies were the next day, followed by a dinner.

On Thursday we had Yaquelin's signing at 9am and Mirna's at 1pm.

Waiting in line with Yaquelin...

Waiting yet again with Mirna... :)

Kelly signing along with her padrinos, la teacher and her husband... :)

Graduation Day!
On Friday, Yaquelin's ceremony started at 4pm in the "salon" with dinner at 7pm at a local restaurant. Angelica and Ali attended the dinner in our place as we were at Mirna's graduation. Mirna's ceremony was supposed to start in the "salon" at 6pm with dinner following immediately after in the same place. We started eating after 9pm. :)

Yaquelin Carolina Padilla

Mirna Elizabeth Molina

Kelly Janeth Gonzales

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