Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at La Finca

Our family celebrated Christmas with La Finca's kids and staff Dec. 23rd

Group photo minus a few late arriving stragglers. Nice new clean clothes! A few new faces in the crowd from last year's photo.

Chimes choir. Angelica was a last minute stand-in for Eliuth. Danilo organized the practices and directed the group.

Nice sheep!

Jony finds a new talent!

The obligatory piñatas. Nobody got hurt so all was well.

Time for gifts. Peter Payson, a German/Honduran friend of La Finca, does the honors.

Even us!

Dinner time. Kentucky loves us!

Ernest and Doris Soady, founders of La Finca, still making their Christmas visits!

Obligatory "fogata" w/ marshmellows (purely gringo influence!)

Happy Javi!

Merry Christmas!

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