Saturday, May 2, 2009

Construction Update

My profound apologies to those of you who have little interest in construction projects at La Finca. But this blog will be focused on that particular subject since I promised to do so some time ago.

If you've forgotten, the two construction projects that have been under way for some time now include the computer lab and reconstruction of the old boys dorm into two housing units comparable to those the girls are now living in. We've appreciated the work teams efforts in helping advance these projects. Angel and the boys are at it most days keeping the work moving along. Oscar, a local mason who in recent years has done quite a bit of work here at La Finca, has been working on this project as well.

The computer lab is basically finished. There are a few things to do yet like installing an A/C unit (people are allowed to overheat here but not computers :]. Possibly new tile will go down on the floor yet, haven't heard for sure. Someone will be donating the furniture for the computer lab and the computers currently in the library will be moved to the lab when its ready for use.

The boys housing project is coming along pretty well. The walls are up and the first coat of plaster is finished. Angel has started welding the roof "canaletas" into place. The hope is to have the roof on before the rainy season begins. Among other things, old floor tiles have to be torn out and everything made level.

I've found it very interesting to watch and learn as these projects have unfolded and advanced. The older boys certainly have gained a lot of experience in the local construction methods. While I often feel a bit lost when trying to help, they usually seem to know what to do and can get the job done. So I get to be the student and they try to teach me. What fun!

Speaking of fun, yesterday I had an experience that was anything but. I was up on the roof of our house testing it for leaks. I though I was being careful where I stepped but after a few times up and down the ladder apparently not! Climbing up the ladder once again I took two steps onto the roof and down I went. I happened to be over our deck/porch when the roof panel gave way so that's where I landed not exactly on my feet. Needless to say today I'm feeling pretty stiff and sore all over. The lower right side of my back seems to have taken the brunt of my unglamorous landing. I'm just thankful that I didn't break anything. Some of the fiber cement roof panels are of a pretty low quality and as I laid on the porch looking up through the nice whole I'd made I could plainly see there should have been more support there for the panel. Hind sight or in this case "laying on your back in pain sight" is so 20/20!

Sorry, no pictures to go with this last little antidote.

Seriously though, pray there will be no lingering ill effects from my fall and continue praying for our future physical protection.

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Crystal said...

Wow, glad you were protected from major injury. May your recovery be quick and your pain minimal!