Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthdays and more...

May 7 - Zack's birthday spent with dad in Tegucigalpa and then some presents!... May 9 - Zack's birthday celebrated with gringo and catracho friends and more presents!

Zack also received a bike for his birthday, but it turned out to be bigger than we thought. :)

After pizza and other more healthy things :) Zack had not one, but two cakes...chocolate (made by Angelica) and peach upside down cake.

Ali and Angelica also received some late birthday gifts that came in the same box as Zack's gifts!

Javier's mom also had a birthday on May 7 and Angelica made her a cake to share with all the boys in the house where she stayed. Javier has his cast off, is doing fairly well, but does have a protruding vertebrae in his back. He is going for physical therapy. Please continue to pray for him and his mom. She is back home in Comayagua.

Zorro and his right hand man polishing their fencing skills!!

Galen and Phyllis Groff were here to visit us from Guatemala for a couple of days. You may remember that we visited them on our way down to Honduras. They have been missionaries to the K'etchi (spelling? :) Indians for about 17 years. While they were here Phyllis was a blessing to Dwain and Audrey by accompanying them to the hospital as Dwain was dealing with an infection. Galen was also a great help to Harlan as they finished building a chicken coop for peeps.

Dwain was able to purchase some peeps from a neighbor so the coop is already occupied! Dwain and Audrey also still have the peeps that they hatched living in their house.

Today, Angelica's Bible study class decided to put into practice some of what they have been learning in class. They all donated items and took clothing and some other items to some poorer families up in the mountain.

After visiting about five different families, they headed to Michele's grandmother's house for a picnic lunch. The kids always enjoy visiting abuela (grandmother) and her macaw, Flor, even though it is a long hard hike up the mountain.

And we need to end with some kind of creature, right...? :)

We need to leave Honduras by Friday to renew our visas. We head for Costa Rica on Thursday. Please pray for safety and good health (especially for Ali) and easy crossings at the borders.

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