Sunday, October 9, 2011

tamalitos de elote

Harlan had planted some of the local corn, the corn that when mature is what is ground up to make corn tortillas (well, after it is also cooked with lime!). It is a very hard corn kernel when it is mature.
While the corn is still young and (a little more) tender, however, you can use it to make tamalitos, as well as other things.
It is a somewhat long process (as is almost anything done with fresh corn because of the whole husking, cleaning, etc...) and not one that will likely be repeated in this Horst household, but the end result was good!

The liquified corn, butter, milk, sugar and salt mixture is placed in a pocket made using the inner corn husks and then cooked in some water on the stove until it is solid. Best eaten with mantequilla (latin american sour cream). Que rico!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed very much your blog from the trees coming down, to the birthday celebration for Angelica to the corn process. Very interesting! Thanks for taking the time to share! Kathy