Saturday, August 13, 2011


Ok, so I know that our time in the States was longer ago than I'd like to admit (June 10th-July 18th), but here are some of our favorite times..

We actually flew home on Harlan's 41st birthday, but celebrated it later. Some people appear to already have had too much cake...

Going to the beach and getting to hang out with Janelle's family for 4 days...

The above exposure making it look sunnier and more ethereal, below... the reality.

Celebrating Harlan's parent's 50th anniversary and seeing all of Harlan's family...
Henry and Grace Horst

We enjoyed seeing other family members and many friends. Thank you to all who blessed us in so many ways, through gifts, meals and quality time. May God continue to bless his many children who help us bless some of his children here in Honduras.

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