Thursday, March 10, 2011

cantarranas and aquarana... : )

So... we decided that everyone had been working hard, either looking for work or doing work, and it was time for a break! We packed a picnic lunch, loaded everybody up and headed for Cantarranas, a town over the mountain that has a nice little river close by.

Danilo, Harlan, Ali and Zack


Harlan and Zack discovering a new species of ...?

Angelica and Lilian, are we having fun, yet? :)


Ali and Mirian


Mirian, Danilo and Ali on the "bridge to nowhere". Some of you should recognize this!

The "bridge" on which we crossed the river!

On the way back from Cantarranas we stopped at Aquarana, where they have a pool. We ate our packed lunch, ordered some fries and drinks, and enjoyed the water and sun!

It was an ok pool, but it does look better in pictures... :)

And then I had to share the bathroom with this guy! But he stayed in his corner and I stayed in mine. Fortunately the toilet was in my corner... :)


JoeBomb said...

I love your family. I like your bangs, the pool looked great, the river is pretty, you are a great writer, and we think that y'all are really good people!

JoeBomb said...

this was actually from "KarenBomb" :)

Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

Rest and time to relate outside of work. Great!

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's good! You need those times of refreshment! Kathy

Anonymous said...

What fun!