Thursday, March 3, 2011

and now some things I should have blogged about before, but didn't until now... :)

We took Javier, Heidy and Lilian and went to Agafam for part of a day on January 30th. Agafam is a week (or so) long Agricultural Fair here in Teguc. Do not think Harrisburg Farmshow or even the agricultural part of the Ephrata or Manheim fairs, but it is something different and therefore a must-do! :)

Here Harlan, Javi and Zack found their next vehicle :)

It was interesting seeing some well-fed, well-cared-for farm animals vs. the local "wildlife"...

...but you can only see so much of these before you're ready to move on. :)

The whole happy group, some laughing, some embarrassed because I had just taken the above picture...

Later after church, everyone enjoyed those huge cement slides at a pupusa place where we stopped for dinner, even though "traseros" got heated by the friction of metal buttons against cement. :)

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