Sunday, September 26, 2010

psalm 43

"Clear my name, God; stick up for me
against these loveless, immoral people.
Get me out of here, away
from these lying degenerates.
I counted on you, God.
Why did you walk out on me?
Why am I pacing the floor, wringing my hands
over these outrageous people?

Give me your lantern and compass,
give me a map,
So I can find my way to the sacred mountain,
to the place of your presence,
To enter the place of worship,
meet my exuberant God,
Sing my thanks with a harp,
magnificent God, my God.

Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?
Why are you crying the blues?
Fix my eyes on God-
soon I'll be praising again.
He puts a smile on my face.
He's my God."

Psalm 43 from Eugene H. Peterson The Message

Maybe all of those "loveless, immoral people", all of those "lying degenerates", all of those "outrageous people" were actually really horrible people who had nothing but evil intent. Or maybe they are just selfish young adults who think that you should stop whatever it is that you are doing in order to attend to what they want at the moment and then get angry at you when you don't. Or maybe they are just someone who swerved right in front of you and then yelled and shook their fist at you when you almost hit them. Or maybe they are just kids who look you straight in the face and lie to you so that someone else gets punished instead of them. Or maybe they are just your own kids with bad attitudes who don't want to obey. Or maybe they are just fellow believers who want to let you know that they think that you're not doing/being what God wants you to do/be after you have just opened your heart to them. etc, etc...

Why am I losing sleep, feeling anxiety, trying to fix it, when they are in God's hands and only he can bring about true change in their lives? Why am I down in the dumps, crying, feeling bad, when I know that my God is in control? When I seek him, God will show me the way into his presence, he will put a smile on my face, he will bring me to the place of worship and I will praise again. He's my God!

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Galen and Phyllis Groff said...

What a daily challenge to find the space and rest for renewal after giving and giving and giving unconditional love out again and again. God's resources never end.
It's just hard for us to stop and find the quiet place. It may mean a walk. Rest and Peace to you.