Monday, September 20, 2010

Angelica's a Teenager!!!!!

Angelica's 13th birthday was on September 11th. She started celebrating by opening cards and gifts from different people at Metzler Mennonite Church (she says, "Thanks to everyone!") and gifts from different family members. She's thrilled with her new camera, so now we might have more interesting pictures to post! Later we invited the live-in staff and a few of Angelica's Finca friends over for dinner and cake. Angelica insisted on baking two cakes! One chocolate cake for her and a non-chocolate one for Caleb (who will be celebrating his birthday soon), since some members of his family do not like chocolate. She also loved her gifts of clothing, jewelry, purse and other things from her friends.

And Andrea made her a peanut butter ice cream pie, which we all enjoyed!!

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