Sunday, June 27, 2010

more than one epiphany

Tonight in church we were singing a song that includes part of a verse that says, "...your Word is a lamp unto my feet." Now I'm sure it has already occurred to all of you, but it suddenly hit me: God's Word can only be a lamp unto my feet if I am spending time in it; reading, learning, and allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal the secrets of God's heart. Although awesome tools and ones I will continue to use, devotional books with a short scripture and commentary are no substitute for "dwelling in the Word". Also, much of my unfortunately short, personal devotional time with God is spent praying or basically just talking to him. Now, that's also a very good, beneficial, and crucial thing to do, but once again doesn't leave much time for learning more about God's heart or adding fuel to the lamp that is to show me his path. Time to once again actually dwell in the Word!

Later we also sang a song that includes, "...and as I wait, I'll rise up like the eagle. And I will soar with you..." and I need to confess that it is hard for me to believe. I needed to ask God's forgiveness for not actually trusting or believing that I will ever soar again here on this earth. I want to believe it. I need it to be true. But sometimes it feels like I am too heavy, too weighed down to ever rise up and soar. I needed to ask God's forgiveness for trying to do it on my own. I've been flapping and flapping away, thinking that if I just do this or try that, then I will feel better and I will once again soar with God like I once did. But I believe that God has always been there, not just when I "felt" his presence, waiting for me to stop trying so hard, stop flapping, and fall onto his back where he will then lift me up and we will soar by the power of his love.

Let us know what God is revealing to you and we can help lift each other up!

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