Monday, June 14, 2010

more birthday fun...

Just in time, Harlan received a box of things from friends that one might need when turning 40. Things such as a Hershey's Special dark chocolate bar to make you feel special, things such as prunes to help with... other things, things such as glasses to help you see better, things such as muscle rub cream to help those aching muscles, etc, etc, etc.

Can you hear me now? :)

The box also included the needed supplies for a 40th birthday party with things like plates, cups, banner, crepe paper, etc. We were able to use those to have an all afternoon pool/birthday party with the Finca kids. Harlan filled the pool, we bought cake and soda and had four different groups of kids come enjoy themselves throughout the afternoon on Saturday the 12th. No one seemed to mind that it was cloudy, a little chilly and occasional sprinkles! :)

Another group "patiently" waiting their turn. :)

We want to thank everyone who remembered Harlan's birthday. Thank you very much for your thoughts, prayers, cards and gifts. We appreciate you and we know that God will bless you for blessing us!!

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