Monday, May 3, 2010

La Finca's 41st anniversary

The festivities started around 3:30 on Saturday, April 24th, in the church.

the choir sang...

some presented an interpretive dance...

and some put on a play about Jesus and Jarius' daughter.

There were many visitors: former residents of the Finca, friends of the Finca from Tegucigalpa and Valle, pastors from various churches in the area, even Claudia, the new mayor of Valle, came and presented a gift to Ernest and Doris Soady and thanked everyone for the part the Finca has in helping the community.

Then it was time for everyone to see the new comedor, have a ribbon cutting ceremony and enjoy a meal together.

We thank God for the 41 years he has given the Finca. We pray that God gives new vision and new strength for the plans he has for the futures of the children at la Finca de los Ninos. May God bless all who give of their time, their energy and their finances to help with the work here in Honduras. May God raise up more workers to help carry on the work that has been started and renewed strength for those already involved. May God's peace, joy and love flow out to the children and through the children to touch all of Honduras and the world.

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